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One of the biggest gripes of social networking today can be described in one sentence. “You make the content. They get the profits.” No more.

Yuwie pays its members for doing exactly what MySpace, Facebooks, Multiply and Friendster members do. Writing and posting pictures about their lives. But Yuwie is different from them. In Yuwie, the more active you are on the site, the more earnings you generate. The best thing about Yuwie, is that it offers the same features as the other four networks.

Your profile is completely customizable with html, anyway you want. Your MySpace layout will work seamlessly with your Yuwie page, since it’s just html. You can invite all of your friends from MySpace to use Yuwie and create your massive network of friends while they get paid for their content as well.

Along with the ability to use Yuwie as your own blogging website, it also offers a place for you to upload your pictures, your videos, and even a place for you to create your own layouts and have the publicized. In addition your profile, you can join and create clubs which are dedicated to many different walks of life, including entertainment, celebrities, gaming, tv, music… just about anything you can think of, from any other spectrum. The clubs are completely manageable, allowing you to upload a club logo, club news, allowing users to post new topics for the club. It's like a mini forum inside the website.

The control panel you use to customize all of this is easy to manage as well. Instead of being bulky and cluttered like other control panels, it presents all of your data in an easy to access manner, which all of your pages, clubs, friends, blogs, being no more than a single mouse click away.

If you find someone is annoying you on Yuwie, you have the ability to block them from contacting you in any way, shape, or form, which includes reading your profile, commenting on your profile, or even viewing any of your pictures of videos.

All in all Yuwie is a great social networking alternative for those who are sick of MySpace, Facebook, Multiply and Friendster yet want to have a platform to express themselves on.

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