Philippine Education Crisis

The current millennium is at our doorstep and everyone can observe the rapid technological revolution that is affecting our lives. We are the living witnesses to the convergence of the various modes of communication which enables us to communicate with other people in the fastest way no matter the distance is. With the advent of the information age, nations all over the world are looking into the positive effects of the multimedia especially in education.

The impact of information technology in education is compelling especially the computer-aided instruction. It has drastically altered the traditional teaching-learning techniques. It has allowed the use of various instructional materials and approaches which enables teachers to act as facilitators. The multimedia technology has also allowed for distance learning. Students can also learn through televised educational programs. These programs seem to be more effective than the conventional classroom situations because of the use of audio-visual aids even at a distance.

Modern countries are miles ahead of us in terms of technology. Is this phenomenon parallel with education? Can we afford to be left behind? This must be a great challenge to the modern teacher about the students’ future achievements not only in the classroom but also in real life situation. Will they be able to cope with new life at par with other third world countries? These are some of the challenges that the education department must look into in order that we are ready for the next millennium.


cagayan de oro schools said...

Yeah i agree to you. we really had a poor kind of education. the other countries are really ahead of us. your post is great. its really interesting.

astrodeus said...

thank you! xD

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