Making Passive Income from myLot

From the moment you sign up for myLot you are free to take part in discussions, you can start a discussion of your own or you can enter someone else's discussion, for each answer you give to peoples discussions you get paid as you do for each question that you post.

First of all you go to and sign up this is very easy you give a screen name your name your paypal or moneybookers email address and a password, then you are sent a confirmation email where you click on the link to confirm that the email address you gave is a real one.

Now you have signed up, you can edit your profile and add your website if you have 1 in edit profile you can choose a color scheme for your profile page it is easy too but be very careful not to make your page unreadable by choosing a neutral colors.

When you go to your profile page you will see at the top discussions i have started, discussions that you have responded to and my best discussions, and you are ready to begin.

First of all myLot has just been revamped and the site is a little more difficult to navigate than it was from your profile page click on the myLot logo now look under your picture for the navigation you can either start a new discussion, or answer other peoples discussions which i think is a good place to start as it gives you a feel for the site.

That's about it you get paid about 5 cents for a question you ask so long as you get some answers. You get about the same if you answer a question but if you don't add tags to the discussions it seems like you don't get paid at all, after you have gained enough credit points you will be able to copy and paste your questions and answers into the discussion board.oh when you have 500 points you can add pictures to your discussions which I think you get 1 cent for.

At the moment I would rather use yahoo answers for information when need it and use myLot for the trivial stuff to make a little money.

If you want to join myLot, JOIN HERE.

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