California Judges Say “Go Get Gay Married!”

I was in the hospital taking care of my grandmother when my dad opened the television. It was almost 7 P.M. and it's a news show. My dad was chuckling when the news aired about same sex marriage in California that has been approved last week.

After I got home, I surf the internet to find more about the news. Here's what I;ve got:
The California Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian Californians have a constitutional right to marry. Despite a robust domestic partnership status in California, the Court ruled that denying gays and lesbians the right to call their unions a marriage impinges on our constitutional rights.

I’m happy to know that. I hope that the Philippine society will realize this.

You go judges.

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Justine Estrada said...

Though I'm not a homo, I agree with you! Yey!

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