My First School

When I came home last week for a five-day short vacation, I was very excited to see what my former school looks like now. After a short afternoon nap, I hurriedly grab my Sony Cybershot digital camera and go to the said place.

Many of my unforgettable experiences happened during my grade school years. This is where I met Jhun, my best friend. We used to climb the sampaloc (tamarind) tree at the back of our school building. My elementary years is happier than my high school life for I am popular with my classmates. I always remember those times we play patintero, luksong tinik, luksong baka, piko, chinese garter and other larong kalye.

Sampaloc Tree at the back of Building 1

Well, I never attended a preschool. During my time there is no nursery or kindergarten. Grade one is the first step of official learning of children in our barrio. But my teacher is amazed because I am the best student in her class. I was a consistent honor student until I graduated valedictorian in my sixth grade.

Grade 1-3 Building

After seven years of studying in Metro Manila, I still considered my primary school as most memorable. My high school is located in a nearby barrio so my elementary classmates and I still go to our primary school for gimik like on-the-spot picnic and drinking sessions.

Grade 4-6 Rooms

Five years had past since I visited my first school, San Antonio Elementary School (named after our barrio name). Of course, there are some changes from the old structures and one is the construction of a faculty office (shown below). Before, our adviser's office is also our classroom since we only have one teacher per grade level.

Faculty Office

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