Scam PTC Sites!

I have been clicking for two years and I have tried many PTC sites. Some have paid me and I witnessed that some became scams.

The following are the websites which has a random list of scam Paid-T0-Click sites:

1. Paid-To-Click BUSINESS

The website said that they have the following criteria for a site to be considered a scam:

  • Low script, Default script, Free script, Scammy design (You are not credible)
  • No forum (How can we know if they are paying any member?)
  • Complaints on forums (A legible PTC site must have good feedback)
  • Admins there are former scammers or the new owners (Antecedents)
  • Not payment for all members (Must paying everybody)

2. PTC sites, Scams, Updates and Reviews

According to the author:
This is a list of known scams that I have managed to compile and is definitely not exhaustive. There are other sites, especially new ones, that may not have revealed their 'true colors' yet. So, be careful with them. And even paying sites can suddenly become non-paying sites.

As a general warning:
  1. PTC/PTR sites that pay high amounts per click or high payouts would not be sustainable and most likely be scams. Which advertiser would be willing to pay $1 or more per click or email?
  2. Be careful with sites on free hosting. If the owner can't afford a site, how can he pay you.
  3. Scripts that are free or are easily hacked.


The admin posted an entry entitled SCAM PTR/PTC Sites List - "Beware!"

The list of PTC/PTR sites below are known scams compiled from a reliable source and are definitely not exhaustive. It is arranged in alphabetical order starting from 0-9 then a-z. This list is not intended to put down anyone's business but only to warn everyone before they spend their valuable time and efforts into it. If you think that I wrongfully listed down a site on this list, please feel free to leave a message/comments.

I think that it is important to realize that, just as with so many things on the internet, there are many sites that are scams. We just have to work together to find out those that are valid and those that are scams.

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Complicated_Love said...

Hello po, tanong ko lang kse my nangyari smin nung jul18-19 tapos ngkaron ako jul20-24, tapos my nangyri ulit smin jul27-28 at aug12-13, dapat magkakaron na ko jul20pataas pero wala pa dn tapos my nangyri smin unt aug24-25, pero hanggang ngaun delayed pa rin ako, nag pt na ko pero nega.. My posibility ba na mali lang ang pt at preggy talaga ko? Thank you so much sa sasagot..

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