Sony VAIO P: Pocket Style PC

I have been working for Sony Customer Service for almost six months now but I did not know that Sony already released its newest super light and slim ultraportable laptop in my country Philippines.

Maybe because I used to browse Sony US website more than Sony Philippines and its normal since its a part of my job for we cater Sony customers from the North America (Canada, United States and Puerto Rico). January 8 this year when Sony VAIO P series debuted at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It was launched to the local press last January 28 at the Sony Philippines head office in Taguig. Tech savvy Pinoys and loyal Sony customers can get hold of the highly covetable Sony VAIO P since its market release last February 25.

Zhorida Lipayon, marketing officer for VAIO at Sony Philippines said :
“With the VAIO P, we at Sony propose a new lifestyle of taking the PC outdoors; with that, fun and enjoyable PC experience can be brought to the consumers.”


A portable PC is not the one you carry on your bag or suitcase; it’s the one that you can put in your pants’ back pocket or inside your jacket.

Sony is breaking new grounds and creating a new product category with the release of the VAIO P. Not to be confused with the Pocket PC of the 1990s, the Sony Pocket Style PC is very modern, forward looking and shatters our view and concept of a portable laptop.

Komei Nosaka, Sony Philippines' Senior Sales Manager said they view the Sony VAIO P as a secondary notebook that provides excellent mobility.
"It is our mission to bring exciting new models to the market. The totally new form-factor of the Vaio P defines what a portable notebook really is; we are creating a new product category which is the Pocket Style PC."

Despite the economic crisis that is affecting the consumer electronics sector, Sony executives are confident that the VAIO P will impact positively to Sony’s loyal customers.
“The demand of the market is always there. We just give the product that fits their lifestyle.”


Though some could easily put a ‘netbook or subnotebook’ tag on the VAIO P, Sony is persistent that the VAIO P is not a netbook but definitely something more, something bigger than its actual size of 10.2 by 4.5 inches.

Sony’s Marketing Officer for VAIO Zhorida Lipayon said during the product demonstration:
“An ordinary netbook can’t do what the VAIO P can do. It’s not the same as the low cost PCs or netbooks available in the market, the VAIO P is a fully functional PC.”
True enough, the specs of the VAIO P clearly separates it from netbooks. It’s just about the size of a business envelope and just as thin as a mobile phone but is unbelievably packed with a 2GB RAM, an Intel Atom Z, a processor that is smaller in size but with lesser power consumption.

Sony proprietary technologies are also present in the notebook, including the Windows Arrangement Utility that provides one touch control to several internet browser windows, the Internet Mode button that assures quick Internet access, this feature allows users to connect to the internet within 20 seconds from the VAIO P’s boot up.

Since it’s from Sony, full AV functionalities were packed into the VAIO P. The AVC HD function allows it to be connected to camcorders. “The VAIO P is highly adapted to Sony audio and video features.”

Another great feature is the VAIO Media Plus function that allows media sharing with other DLNA enabled devices and the Instant Mode that launches Sony’s Xross Media Bar interface for quick access to music, video, photos and the Web.

Lipayon said Sony started to develop the VAIO P more than two years ago but the release and surge of netbooks overwhelmed their release.


Sony has again put premium on the design and appearance of the VAIO P. The product is stamped with ‘truly Sony’ design and features.

It is chic, elegant and very portable. It is available in four glossy colors like Obsidian Black, Garnet Red, Olivine Green and Crystal White. Based on the official specs release, the colors are painted on the magnesium body with multiple layers and hand polished on top to achieve glossy exterior that replicates the look of a mineral ore.

It incorporates a high resolution screen display and for a miniature notebook, the 8-inch screen on the VAIO P doesn’t look too small because of its ultra-wide design. It has LCD technology with anti-reflection coating that reduces light reflection and provides brilliant viewing while computing on the go.

The isolation keyboard was engineered for comfortable typing experience. The keyboard looks very similar to that of other VAIO notebook models like the VAIO CS. Sony integrated its noise canceling technology on the VAIO P with the headset that doubles as a mic for PC-to-PC calling.

The polymer lithium ion battery provides 3 full hours of computing power and an optional battery is available for longer use or up to 6 hours. The battery is also quick charging so it is effective to bring during travels and even for daily on the go computing.

Windows Vista is the built-in operating system of the VAIO P.

Color coordinated accessories like a Bluetooth mouse and cases are also available to complement the VAIO P.

But there are features that you canmot be found in VAIO P. Here’s a quick rundown of what the VAIO P is missing:

- VGA out (display/LAN IO adaptor can be purchased separately)
- LAN port
- Trackpad (replaced by trackpoint)
- User replaceable RAM/HDD
- Microphone jack

Nevertheless, Sony VAIO P lives up to the VAIO brand name and is definitely a thing of beauty. There are basically two models to choose from: the VGN-P15G and the VGN-P13H.

The VGN-P15 model will retail for P69,999 and the VGN-P13 variant will sell for P49,999.

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