National Milk Chocolate Day

Do you prefer Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? I really don't care!!! LOL I love them all.

Do you like just plain chocolate or do you like to bite into caramel, marshmallow, etc? Again I'm not picky. The only type of chocolate I don't like is the jelly filleds. Yucky!!

Now this might be gross to some but I will ask. Do you smell your chocolate before you eat it? I don't but a very good friend of mine does. I have to laugh because now both her daughters do it. LOL

Do you have a favorite chocolate that you just love! My favorite national brand is Dove, I think. There are so many to choose from.

Are you lucky to have a local chocolate company in your area? Who is it? Mine is Bomboy's Chocolate in Havre de Grace, MD. They are the bomb. They can be found on google and make the yummiest truffles! A couple of years ago, the owner's son started making ice cream! Thankfully they are 20 miles away/one way so we don't get there very often!!!! I usually give the teachers chocolate and I have gotten smart and order online because the place is a mob scene during the Christmas holiday!

When: July 28th

National Milk Chocolate Day is a special day for a special treat. Are you a "Chocola-holic"? If you are, you look forward to each and every chocolate related holidays.

There are lots of flavors of chocolate. Milk chocolate is enjoyed in candies and in baking. Milk chocolate is the favorite of millions of people. So, its only fitting that it gets its very own special national day.

Important Note: Don't be dyslexic about this special day. Today is a day for Milk Chocolate, not Chocolate Milk Day.

Lest there be any doubt about celebrating this day........ Today should be spent consuming and savoring generous amounts of your favorite milk chocolate treats.

Happy National Milk Chocolate Day!

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. Most likely, this sweet day was created by chocolate confectioners.

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