Driver: Sweet Lover

Late last week I have to bring my ride to the car wash for i have to drive my friend to the airport early the next day. I had a hard time finding one still open when i remember this car wash that's open 24 hrs which cater mostly to passenger jeep. I was still next in line when I arrived and i decided to be friendly with the men, mostly jeepney drivers waiting and drinking some beers for i will not call this side of town your friendly neighborhood.

I also try to fix my side mirror but needed some tools, I ask the men around if I can borrow some tools. This 30ish men not only volunteer to lend me the tools but also offer to help me out. We talk just about anything while fixing my side mirror and when we finish and the boy is about ready to wash my car I ask where can I relieve myself. Sa gilid at dilim, kahit saan pwede naman, is the answer I got. While I'm doing my thing, the driver just stood beside me and start relieving himself too.

I was transfix by the long tool I saw on the driver and I realize that the he is aware on where I was looking at. He keep on talking to me and didn't put his tool back even when he's done doing his thing. Then he whisper me to follow him, he signal something to the boy doing the cleaning. He leads me inside one of the jeepney that on the far end of the lot, he put his arm on my shoulder when we sat and ask me if i like what i saw. I just froze and can't even look up to this man. He told me not to worry and that i'm going to enjoy my ride tonight. He lick my earlobe which send shiver all over my body, then my neck while he's trying to take my shirt off. He then lick and play with my nipples that put all my inhibition out the window. He then ask me if i want what i saw a while ago and again assured me not to worry and he will take good care of me.

He take his short and brief off follow by his shirt. He then lick and play with my nipples again and put my hands on his tool, "you're going to love this one, man". He then pull my head close to his dick "tsupain mo na, alam ko naman yan gusto mo e" i was out of my mind and just follow whatever this man is telling me. "Hayup ka! ang galing mo at ang sarap mong tsumupa!" His dick is now hard and fully erect, I must admit that this thing in front of me is by far the longest and biggest dick i had, it's 8 inches although it's head is not that big, shape more like a bullet but it's body is sure is fat. "sarap noh! sige sa iyo yan ngayon gabi at magsasawa ka sa titi ko". He then told me to take my short off and he's going to fuck me, i told him "no" and said that i don't think i can take his tool, in a firmer voice he told me again to take my short off. He put the cushion sets on the floor and position me in, then he lay on top of me. "wala pang nakakantot sa iyo, virgin pa puwet mo?" I told him no "may tatlo na, sabi nila nakantot nila ako pero bukod sa maliit titi nila, wala pa ata sa kalahati nang burat mo at mga payat pa". He kiss my ear and neck and said "ngayon siguradong makakantot ka na at ma di-divirginize ka na nang tuluyan. He continue kissing me till my nipples, he sucks, lick and bite while fingering my butthole, i was totally lost in the sensation his giving my body "a-asawahin kita ngayon PUTA ka, gagawin kitang babae!"

He spits saliva on my asshole and also on his hard trembling dick, he position his dick on the entrance of my asshole and in one quick move penetrate my body. I'm lost on what would i do, when he push more of his man meat inside me. On his third push, the pain just penetrate all over my body and beg him to stop and pull his dick.

"PUTA KA! kaya mo yan at tiisin mo at yan naman ang gusto nyong mga bakla kayo diba?"

I know he can see the pain and fright on my face and again beg him to stop just for a while. "Parang binibiyak ang buong katawan ko at hindi ko na talaga kaya, maawa ka na at hugutin mo muna," I said.

He replied, "Kaya mo yan at sa una lang masakit, parang babae ka rin na na-donselya ko. malaking tao ka naman e may mga nakantot nga ako na mas maliit pa sa iyo pero nakaya naman nila e. tiisin mo muna at pag pumutok and sarap sigurado na ikaw pa magmamakaawa sa akin na kantutin ka."

He kiss me on my lips, opening my mounth and exploring it, he finds my tongue and suck it. He kiss so good that i forgot the pain his huge dick is causing on me.

"PUTA ka! namnamin mo nang buong buo and titi ko, yan ang sagad at buong buo akong nasa loob mo."

Again the pain floods in but i can't do anything to stop this man from ravaging my whole body, He put his brief on my mouth and said "ganito ang kantot, gagawin kitang babae at pagkatapos ko sa iyo siguradong hahanapin mo na ito". He start pumping like crazy and don't care about the pain im into, he fuck hard, pulling his dick almost out of my butt then flanging in as quickly and deeply that i afraid im going to faint. After what seems as eternity he take his brief out of my mouth and start kissing me, this man is really one hell of a kisser, his kiss melts the pain away and I'm now willing to give whatever this man what's? He position my legs up his shoulder and now fucking my ass more vigorously, i won't let him stop kissing, i would pull his head even more closely when i feel he's pulling away from me. It's seems he's fucking me for more that 10 minutes already and the pain just increase with every minutes that pass.

"PUTA ka talaga ang sarap mo at mula ngayon bata mo na ako, PUTA ka hinde ako papayag na hinde maulit itong pagkantot ko sa iyo, kabit na kita ngayon at sabihin mong payag ka hayop ka! Ano payag ka bang maging kabit ko? OO, hinde rin ako papayag na hinde mo na ulitin sa akin ito! PUTA KA ang sarap mo talagang kantutin malapit na ako at sa loob muna kita didiligan, mamaya na sa second round kita papatikim nang tamod ko. PUTA KA talaga, AYYYANNNN NAAAAAA AKOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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