How to Increase Earnings in myLot

myLot is an online community that pays you for posting and participating. When your balance reaches $10, you are eligible to receive payment to your PayPal account. You also receive 25 percent of the earnings from any referral you make.What steps can you take to increase your payments on myLot?

  • Step 1. Post often. Start thought-provoking threads. Respond to discussions. The more you post, the more your earnings will add up. There are many topics on which you can comment, including sports, music, lifestyle, news, finance, computers and technology. Or you can start your own topics. MyLot is such a large and diverse community that you will never run out of things to discuss.

  • Step 2. Focus on quality of posts, not quantity. One mistake people sometimes make on myLot is to make quick, one-line posts just for the sake of getting their numbers up. In reality, your payments will increase when you write longer and thought-out posts.

  • Step 3. Add images and photos. In each category, there is a section where you can upload relevant photos. For example, in the category Ice Cream, you can upload a picture of your favorite banana split. You can also add images and photos to any discussion threads you start. Adding images and photos helps to increase your payments on myLot, almost as much as posting itself.

  • Step 4. Make friends on myLot by responding to interesting discussions, finding people with similar interests and thanking people who have been helpful to you. When you log onto myLot, there is a separate section showing threads your friends have started. When you respond to your friends' discussion threads, they will respond to yours as well. When you make friends on myLot, you help each other and increase your payments in the process.

  • Step 5. Rate posts that you find helpful. Under each post or photo, there are three buttons: plus, minus and Report Post. Whenever you see helpful or insightful posts, push the "+" button. Not only does it increase your participation payments, but it also increases the ratings of that particular user on myLot.


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