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While it's true that many people seem to think that to make money online fast one has to join paid to click sites and start clicking on ads for cents and build a downline and refer other people; it's much more complex than that! Those who tried desperately to make money online through paypal with these "paid to click" sites will admit that they aren't making a lot!

The truth is, you need to build your own paid to click site! Even to make money online, you still to put in some work if you want to make money through paypal. The difference between making pennies, and making hundreds of dollars per day is those who take risks to make money online! I'll tell you this: Owning your own paid to click site will make you more money in the long run than spending your time clicking on ads! Once you start making money automatically with your own site, you will never want to make money the old way again! Paid to click sites that pay you per ad click seems to be attractive to many people in the beginning but this is because they don't understand that you there is even more money to be made online. The average person will not know how to create a website, but that's not a problem with a good mentor.

Paid to click sites will usually pay you about a cent to click on ads. And after clicking hundreds of ads you will be paid $1 by paypal. Although this is a legitimate way to make money online through paypal, have you ever thought how much the webmaster is making? He is making about 100% of what he pays you!

Perhaps you thought that the easiest way to make money with paid to click sites is to click ads all day. Well did you know that the owner of paid to click sites are selling your clicks to other webmasters? They are charging $20 for 1000 clicks. And they pay out only $10 to their members. They keep $10 for themselves!

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

This program will take you through a step by step course of how to find workers (or clickers), where to find your payers (the webmasters), and ways to set up your "mini-factory" within 24 hours or less. This mini factory will churn out hundreds of dollars per day. Not many programs will show you how to do this step by step nevertheless show you how to sell your site for a nice sum of money. You see, other people will be willing to pay you real money for your website after a couple of months. In between you will be making money automatically through paypal!

So? Do you want to make money online through paid to click sites? Good, you must be the owner of one now to fully maximize the amount of money you can make online.

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