On Being a Computer Technician

Although I love computers, it never occurred in my mind that I will be troubleshooting computer as a job. Computer troubleshooting needs a lot of patience and I easily get bored. I don't even know the basic troubleshooting steps and I usually go to a computer shop if my laptop is not working properly. I don't have much background in the computer aside from using it to social networking ans doing my research papers. I only learned how to operate computer when I was in fourth year high school, just the basic operations of turning it on/off and creating a word document. Hahaha!

Well, we don't have computer at home and I go to computer shops when I have to research about my assignments and check my email. I bought my notebook when I was in my last year in college. The primary reason is obvious, I intend to use my laptop while doing my thesis. It is more convenient to write your ideas in a computer than using a bulks of paper.

My cousins Kuya Benj and Robert, who are siblings, are the one who taught me many things about computers. Kuya Benj is into website business while Robert took up computer course in college. They are different in approach, though. I learned basic hardware troubleshooting from Robert because it was his forte. On the other hand, Kuya Benj taught me how to explore networking and computer programs (softwares). He even showed me how to make money online in numerous ways.

I was doing my thesis and was running out of budget. I decided to look for a part-time job to support my schooling. Working in a call center is my best option because of its schedule. Most of my classes are during afternoon especially the major subjects and I can use my vacant morning time to sleep while working at night. But it was never easy to get a job in the so called "sunrise industry". I applied as customer service representatives in many call centers but I was never offered the job. It took me more than six months until I decided to change focus, I applied as a technical support representatives.

My first application is with Teleperformance since my older brother is working there. I went to its hiring office at EDSA Central, along the corners of Shaw Boulevard and EDSA. It was not meant for me. Next day, that was Friday, I went to Sitel in Ortigas and on that day, I was hired! I was overwhelmed yet nervous because I am not a techie person. Sitel offered me first a networking account, a dial-up internet, and was scheduled for final interview the next day. I arrived home almost midnight and while taking dinner, Sitel called me and asked me to come to their office for final interview in a computer troubleshooting account. I really need a job and I want to start as soon as possible. Aside from that, it is a Sony account. I did not think twice and hurriedly went back to Sitel even I'm not yet finished taking my dinner. It was a panel interview and it came out to be fun and inspiring. On that day, I officially joined the product training which lasted for five weeks.

After training we spent two weeks on A-bay where we spend four hours further training while taking calls for the rest of our shifts. I learned many new things during the training but taking calls exposed me to the actual working environment which taught me things I never learned during the training. More so when we finally transferred to the floor which they called production. Experience is still the best teacher. I learned also by observing my fellow agents how they handle the calls.

At first, I was like lost in the middle of the forest. We, the newbies, have been distributed to different teams. New faces, and I have to make effort again in going along well with my teammates. All of us (newbies) has a hardware split that's why most of our calls ended up for service or repair. My first month is really a disaster and I received hundred percent bad returns or NO RESOLVED surveys. I have resolved calls but I only received bad surveys. How unlucky, right?

It's been almost four months since I'm taking calls and I noticed that most of the hardware problems customers encountered is about the operating system and the hard drive. These includes not able to log in to windows, having a blank or black screen, and freezing computer.
We also often received networking and internet problems and maybe customers also view them as hardware related. Because of this, I requested a basic networking training from the operations manager.

Right now, I am more confident than before in troubleshooting the computer over the phone. On my next posts, I will write about some basic troubleshooting of the most common hardware problem.

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