Some Notes on Karma and Reincarnation

These lectures stressed that our life and all that exists in this world are gifts from Someone Above who loves us so much. This Someone made us very special. He gave us a part of his own Self. Like a very good father, He wants us to further develop our potentials. He also wants us to grow in wisdom, courage and unselfish love for others, So, He sends some of us to this world to learn these important things. Life, in this world then is like one big school. We are here to learn lessons from life.

Some lesons have to do with knowing what it means to be a good father or mother, to be a good husband or wife, to be be a good friend, to be a responsible member of society. One general lesson then is knowing what it means to love and respect people, to have a reverence for life.

We should also look into our strengths and weaknesses. We should study our weaknesses and overcome them. We should evaluate our mistakes and find out where we did wrong and why. We should derive lessons from these mistakes and use these lessons to guide us as we continuously walk on the road of life. When we have learned a few important lessons, we move on to the next level. Some lessons are easy to learn while some are difficult and need patience. Some people even refuse to learn. They just enjoy life.

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