AdSense Tip: Can You Buy Traffic to AdSense Sites?

There is an AdSense technique called AdSense Arbitrage. It used to
be all the rage and some people made a killing using the technique.

Can AdSense sites still profit from this technique?

AdSense Arbitrage is simply the act of using AdWords to drive
traffic to AdSense Sites. Profiting with the method required the
total spend for the AdWords clicks to be less than the amount
earned with the resulting traffic clicking on the AdSense ads;
simply bid on low cost keywords in AdWords and route the clicks to
pages containing high paying AdSense clicks.

In the past, this was much easier to profit with than today.
However, Google did not like their programs being used in this way;
they felt it lowered the quality of the user experience and was
harmful to "legitimate" AdWords advertisers. Therefore, they've
tightened the screws on AdWords advertisers forcing them to be more

If you are an AdWords advertiser, you can still have AdSense on
your destination pages. However, if Google believes your purpose is
to simply drive traffic to a site in order to get AdSense clicks,
your AdWords keywords will likely be deactivated.

Is there any way to make AdSense Arbitrage work now? Yes, but you
must have a content rich site Google already respects. You probably
will not have success with a new site trying this method even if
you spend several weeks feverishly writing original content for it.

For example, if CitiBank decided to put AdSense on their site and
start advertising a credit card application with Adwords, there
would not be a problem. However, if your new site,
MyBestCreditPlace .com has AdSense on it and you start using
AdWords to drive traffic to it, Google will take a much closer look
at what you are doing.

What is the answer? SEO is your key to success. Create sites Google
(and the other search engines) will want to rank well. Once your
optimization efforts pay off and the site is ranking well AND
getting traffic put the AdSense ads on.

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