Vampire Wars Quiz

I have been playing Vampire Wars (and Mafia Wars) in social network Facebook for almost seven months now but I just recently took the Vampire Quiz which I reluctantly to do so at first. The reason is because I'm not familiar with vampire movies or television shows. I decided to conduct a research first and luckily I was able to find the correct answers. Enjoy!

1. What hilariously HOT Vampire movie was a bigger television hit than it was on the big screen?

c - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

2. What popular singer played the Queen in Queen of the Damned?

d - Aaliyah

3. What are the names of the star-crossed lovers in the smash-hit Twilight?

b - Bella and Edward

4. What actress shared her first on screen kiss with a much older Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire?

a - Kirsten Dunst

5. What was the first Vampire movie ever made?

d - Nosferatu

6. Which of the famous Corey Boys starred in more than one Vampire movie?

a - Corey Feldman

7. What sexy Australian actor is just as hot killing vampires in Van Helsing as he is in singing his heart out in Musical Theater?

b - Hugh Jackman

8. In the movie Underworld, what was the race of werewolves called that supposedly killed Selene's parents?

c - Lycans

9. Who was Mina's closest friend in Bram Stoker's Dracula?

e - Lucy Westenra

10. What actor originally immortalized Dracula's arch-nemesis, Van Helsing?

b - Peter Cushing

11. In what Vampire movie will you hear the song "Bela Lugosi is dead" by Bauhaus?

b - The Hunger

12. What would Louis, Brad Pitt's character in Interview with a Vampire feed on instead of humans?

c - Rats

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