Go to Neverland Online!

I was looking for a new and good browser games because I am sick already of playing Mafia Wars. I bumped to this website which catches my attention because of its colorful interface. I became interested because I have been longing to play games like DOTA, Counterstrike and Ragnarok Online but I don't know how to and this is just like them.

This free and entertaining game is called Neverland Online. It is a 2D, browser MMORPG. The game is set in a persistent fantasy world, players can do many things like catching monster and making them pets, leveling up, crafting, PVP and so on. The game is fully fledged MMORPG despite the fact that it doesn’t need an installation. You don't need to download client to play it, you can just play it on your browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and so on. The instructions are easy to follow and I'm sure that you will enjoy it.

Neverland Online has several playable classes and many skills. Available classes are Ranger, Assassin, Elementalist and Taoist. Each character type has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can create up to 5 characters in one account.

Playing it is refreshing and relaxing. It is an ideal solution for people searching for not engaging and lightweight mass game. I play it and find that it's a great and funny strategy game based on browser. You can sign up to be a member of Neverland Online and play game with me by clicking this link. I strongly recommend you register an account now! Let us go to Neverland Online!

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