Eternal Destiny on Facebook is now live!

Now you can access the WarpPortal website with your Facebook Login.
Don't forget to connect your Warpportal and Eternal Destiny account to Facebook to be able to claim your CBT and OBT rewards!
To connect your Facebook to your account (if emails used to register are the same email)

1)The [Connect with Facebook] will appear in the area right below the branding bar and login page:

2)Upon pressing the [Connect with Facebook] button above, if you are not logged into facebook you will receieve a popup asking you to login to your Facebook:

3)You will recieve the following request, make sure to click allow to connect the two:

4)and your Facebook is now connected to your WarpPortal account!

If your Facebook account has never logged into the WarpPortal website before AND Facebook account's email address does not match an existing WarpPortal account, then please follow the following steps:

1)If "No", then you will automatically have a account created for you using your Facebook information.

2)If "Yes", then you will be asked to input your WarpPortal login information.

WarpPortal accounts automatically created with this method will be allowed to change their nickname ONCE. So please make sure you wish to keep that name.

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