Eternal Destiny is Coming to Facebook!

Eternal Destiny is coming to Facebook!

In the coming weeks WarpPortal is going to allow players to use Facebook connect to connect their favorite game to Facebook. This will make signing into the site to add games and purchase points a breeze.

In addition to Facebook Connect, Eternal Destiny will be the first WarpPortal title to be available on Facebook directly! That’s right you will be able to play your favorite browser game straight from Facebook. Once the Facebook integration is complete users will be able to connect their current CBT/OBT account with Facebook and receive their OBT/CBT Prizes!

Official Launch date information is to follow in the coming weeks and many changes and improvements are afoot. Such as:

  • A new tutorial system for levels 1-10 to allow users to experience what higher level skills and equipment are like.
  • Monsters outside of the instances will now use skills in their attacks
  • A new value system for selling equipment based on the quality of the item.
  • New mail quests will be given when entering specific maps.
  • A new function that will allow players to teleport to the quest location so long it is on the same map.
  • And MORE!

Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for more details!

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