Intense PvP Experience in Grand Epic Online

This is not a simple browser game full of monster killing and questing. A talent gaming system encourages players to take PvP experience in real-time mode. Notice it? Not turn-based but real-time combat with keyboard and mouse.

Release one pet to help. It may look cute but with powerful attacking ability that is not cute at all. A mount is a talent choice to move fast while attacking and defending. High level mount may give unbelievable support. If these two assistants cannot satisfy you, we have another secret helper, the trump, which is immortal. It will only upgrade and never die, no matter how fierce your opponent is.

How to attack with skill, when to skip to avoid being hurt, choose which pet, which mount, which trump to help, these are decisions players should make themselves because this is what Grand Epic Online wishes, show others how talented you are. A tiny girl can always be the champion here, too.

Add bookmark of and come to test your talent once Grand Epic Online launches. It’s coming soon.

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