How To Troubleshoot Your Telephones

Telephone is one of the most important tools in communications at home. It is very frustrating if your phone is not working especially if you are using it for business.

You may be able to fix your telephone problem by conducting a quick equipment check. By doing this, you can also determine if the fault is caused by one of your privately-maintained equipment or private wirings inside the house. It will avoid you as well of some call out fee or service charge of sending a technician according to the policy of your service provider.


Check how many phone sockets do you have inside your house or inside the premise. Simply unplug all equipments from all these phone sockets. This may include telephones, fax, modems, filters, answering machines, alarms, extensions and ringers. Wait 10 seconds then plug only one working phone back into the socket by itself. It is better to use a normal or standard phone because cordless phone causes cross-talking.

Check for dial tone. If there is no dial tone, unplug the phone and try it in another phone socket. Check again for dial tone. If there is still no dial tone, try another handset on the same phone socket. If the line is still dead, it means that there is a possible fault in the line. Call your service provider's customer service or technical support to log a fault report.


For noisy line like crackling, humming, buzzing or whirring noise but there is a dial tone, doing an equipment check will help you determine what is causing the noise. If you are using a lot of equipments especially internet related (modems, fileters and splitters), unplugging all of them and trying only one phone to the socket usually solved the problem. You have to plugged back in one equipment at a time to pinpoint which equipment is causing the noise and have it replaced or repaired.

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