Poem: Juliet's Lamentation

Calm is the weather in my heart
Who's pure and innocent from the start;
Til Cupid seat forth his fatal bow
Where love implants and soon will grow.

Hmm, whose eyes a shining armour
Of deepest reflection he implore;
For mine's most divine sensation
A love so boundless, eternal devotion.

Yet, I agreed in earnest passion
Brought in the midst of this lamentation;
For his calm is mine's adversary
And this love will surely end bitterly.

Oh, enamoured heart who sung in pain
Besought thy patron's favor in vain;
Did the fates fled fortune like a dove?
From me and my only, my beloved?

Atrodious parents, why did restrain?
Had suffered lovers of sweetest strain;
Imprisoned heart and fettered soul
Had caused thy mountful lover's fall.

Ye! Ungrateful kindred, ungrateful life
Cruel destiny shall end with a knife;
Thy death, my love, shan't part us long
For I'll follow thy shade with my song.

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