A Prayer of Confession

Oh, my Sovereign God, please hear my prayers.
My heart cries with pain and anguish
Tears are flowing from my soul
I have sinned against you, and turned m ways in the wickedness.
The evil overpowers me.
It made me become hardhearted
Pride overthrows my love for you
Evil laughs both to me and you.

My loving Almighty God,
Please lend me your ears
Have mercy and forgive my sins
My transgressions put you ob public disgrace
Let the accuser be condemned by Your powerful name
Make the enemy feel the wrath of my Lord
Gnash their teeth in fear because of your anger
Let your fairness and justice evident to all
So that they may know that you are the judge and savior.
Let their evil ways and doings cloaked them with shame and self-pity
For them to realize that your power is unfathomable.

Glory be to God for He forgave my sins
His amazing grace saved a wretch like me, and from the enemy.
His hand is always there to reach out for me.
That’s why all obey Him
Because of His unconditional love and mercy.

Oh, Sovereign God
You are worthy to be praised
You deserve all kind of of honor
Your name is mighty as a sword
Your greatness lats for a lifetime.
You ate the Lord of the lords and King of the kings.

Praise to the Lord
For He is loving and compassionate.
His forgiving manner is known by all
To Him, people alaway pray and ready to call.
I will sing praises to you, ny belovd God,
I will exalt your name far from above.

- June 18, 2001

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