Birthday Speech

I am now 32 years old. Sabi nga ng karamihan, wala na ako sa kalendaryo.Pero may bingo pa naman daw. Hahaha. Today, I was looking back what happened last year. I've been through hell and back. I got sick several times and been confined in different hospitals. I thought that it is a sign of aging but I have friends older than me which are healthy. I guess it depends on your lifestyle. But whatever happened last year made me value my life more, and see it in a different perspective.

Living alone changed my way of understanding myself and my intimate relationships. But what I benefit most from it is that I have a robust social life. I usually eat out with friends, attend some public events, and volunteer. I met different types of people and it helped me a lot in my job as a customer service representative. And I am grateful to the friends who understand me and remain with me despite of my weaknesses. I also thanked those who turned their back for they helped me value more those are with me and provided spaces for new ones. Thanks to my new found friends, who add a different joy to my single life.

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